Catch PI News, Tips on Conducting Witness Interviews From Jennifer Brown, J.D. and Kevin M. Cosgrove, PI, CFE, and Hear About the Top Private Investigator Training Programs and Distance Learning From Paul Jaeb and Alan Goodman

The April 2012 podcast of The American Private Investigator with your host, Paul Jaeb of Heartland Investigative Group, features Mike McIntee and Paul Jaeb with the API news segment. Hear about licensing issues for online information providers Intellius and People Finder, how PI’s are seeing a new boon in divorce law, the escapades of the Millionaire Madam, and the latest on the PI running for Wisconsin’s lieutenant governorship.

Next, Jennifer Brown, J.D. and Kevin M. Cosgrove, PI, CFE join Paul to talk about conducting witness interviews. Get tips on preparing for an interview, building a rapport with witnesses to get the facts, and learn how to deal with objections. Learn to handle demanding attorneys who push to get information in a method that’s unethical or illegal. Hear the do’s and don’ts of closing an interview and leave the door open. See Interviewing the EMT or Paramedic, Jennifer Brown, J.D., The Legal Investigator, and Important Witness Interview Strategies and Considerations for Investigators, Kevin M. Cosgrove, PI, CFE, Pursuit Magazine.

Regular contributor Alan Goodman joins Paul to talk about how the evolution of training is legitimizing the profession. Learn about the various universities, community colleges and other venues offering training and training information. See Top 25 Private Investigator Training and Education Programs on Contact Michelle Morton, for information about City College’s different programs and online courses. Check out the online training and custom education services offered by Rory McMahon, Hear about S2 Institute’s distance learning and see their website at

Next Paul challenges listeners to answer Alan’s question, “Would you hire someone who graduated from one of the programs at City College or Boston U, or are you more comfortable training yourself?” and Alan talks about upcoming investigator events.

Guests on the March 2012 podcast are:

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