Catch Private Investigator News and Industry Changes, a Best Practice Packed Surveillance Roundtable With Edward Spicer, Robert Orozco, and Paul Jaeb, and Alan Goodman on Optimal Report Writing, Upcoming Events, and the 1st Quarter Outlook

The January 2012 podcast of The American Private Investigator with your host, Paul Jaeb of Heartland Investigative Group, features Mike McIntee and Paul Jaeb with the API news segment. Hear how Errol Morris, former PI and director of the films Thin Blue Line and Fog of War, used his experience as a PI to direct Academy Award winning films. Learn how online investigators have been changing the face of the PI industry in high profile cases. Hear why Georgia governor Nathan Deal has put on hold his appointment of an unlicensed private detective to the board that oversees private detectives and their licensing, and why they’re talking about eliminating private investigator licensing in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

George Aguilar, TPLI, TCI of Aguilar & Associates, Edward Spicer of Ocean States Investigative Group, LLC, and former guest Robert Orozco of Advanced Professional Investigations, LLC join Paul for a robust surveillance roundtable. Hear about regional differences in investigative challenges, crossing state borders, cultural issues, prevailing ethnic groups, preparing for unforeseen events, affects of weather, best equipment, and critical tips for preparedness. Find out where most investigators fail in getting ready for surveillance investigator challenges, how to avoid the same mistakes, and top tips for achieving success with your business.

Alan Goodman of Lawyers Investigating Service joins Paul to talk about how report writing can make or break your investigative business. Learn the critical practices for gathering information in the field, formatting, phrasing, style, and the pitfalls to avoid for reports that will differentiate your business and please your clients. Alan also talks about how the industry looks for first quarter 2012, and the key upcoming private investigator events and the business benefits of networking.

Guests on the January 2012 podcast are:

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