Hear Author and Private Investigator Philip Becnel Talk About His New Book, Get a Legislative Update From Peter P. of ISPLA, and Be Entertained With Alan Goodman

In the June 2010 podcast of The American Private Investigator with your host, Paul Jaeb, hear from Philip Becnel, managing partner of Dinolt Becnel & Wells Investigative Group, and author of Private Investigator Entry Level (02E): An Introduction to Conducting Private Investigations. Philip’s book contains a wealth of information including a section of legalese to use when taking a statement. Philip shares insights from his thousands of hours of interviews in civil, criminal and independent investigations, teaching undergraduate courses in criminal procedure, white-collar crime, and criminal investigation.

Peter Psarouthakis of ISPLA gives an update on ISPLA’s work with Congress, lobbyists, and equipment manufacturers on video surveillance, anti-spoofing, pre-paid cell phone legislation to lessen the impact of these bills on investigators, law enforcement, the judicial system, and corporate America. See ISPLA’s priority bill watch and live legislative tracking pages for more information on those bills and others. Peter also talks about a new consumer protection agency and how ISPLA works with these agencies to represent investigators. Go to http://ispla.org for more information and to join and support ISPLA’s efforts.

Alan Goodman of Lawyers Investigating, Inc. gives the scoop on upcoming industry events, their content and the venues, and answers this month’s five compelling questions, sharing anecdotes from his years of investigative experience, and springing a surprise question on The American Private Investigator podcast host Paul Jaeb.

Guests on the June 2010 podcast are:

  • Philip Becnel, Dinolt Becnel & Wells Investigative Group LLC: 927 South Walter Reed Drive, Suite 23, Arlington, VA 22204, T: 703-892-3700, becnel@dinolt.comwww.dinolt.com.
  • Peter Psarouthakis, Investigative & Security Professionals For Legislative Action (ISPLA): 235 N. Pine Street, Lansing, Michigan 48933, T: 734-428-9663, isplavoice@gmail.comhttp://ispla.org.
  • Alan Goodman, Lawyers Investigating Service, Inc.: P.O. Box 8479, Portland, ME 04104, Maine: 207-775-5685, 800-244-5685, Nationwide: 888-244-5685, F: 207-893-1475, aeglis@aol.com, www.lawyersinvestigatingservice.com.
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