Hear Dave Pelligrinelli on Practices and Pitfalls for Pricing Services, Sue Ginsburg on using LinkedIn to Grow Business, and Pat Clawson, Peter Psarouthakis, and Alan Goodman’s PI Industry Roundtable, and Ways to Grow Your Business in the Downturn

The December 2011 podcast of The American Private Investigator with your host, Paul Jaeb of Heartland Investigative Group, features Mike McIntee and Paul Jaeb with the API news segment. Hear about how British Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee Chairman Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP announced an inquiry into regulating Private Investigators. Next, how more companies are relying on private investigators to keep up on social media for investigating employees, relationship management problems, and competitors. The next story focuses on state licensing of private investigations and cross-state investigations. Also in the news, are you going to need a license to do Google Search or risk a felony?

Regular API guest, Dave Pelligrinelli, CEO at AFX Search, joins Paul to talk about best practices and pitfalls for pricing private investigative services. Learn how to avoid competing on price and how to price your services in a way that’s sustainable for your customer and for your business.

Hear Sue Ginsburg, President and CEO, GrowthLynx, on how to use and build your LinkedIn profile to grow your business. Learn easy steps for getting started as slowly as you wish, and how businesses use this fast-growing media to network for new clients and client retention.

Next, Pat Clawson joins Peter Psarouthakis, ISPLA, and Alan Goodman, Lawyers Investigating Service for the year in review round table on the state of the Private Investigator industry. New guest Pat Clawson is a former award-winning investigative reporter for CNN and NBC News, a registered private investigator in Virginia, a CJA Investigator in the District of Columbia, a Certified Process Server in Michigan, and a longtime open government and freedom of information advocate.

Peter starts this segment with a review of the latest legislative issues concerning privacy, access to information, destruction of federal records, camera legislation and covert surveillance, and ISPLA’s involvement.

Next, Pat provides commentary about the tightening of privacy protections, what’s driving this effort, and what can investigators do to be heard given that privacy advocates have the advantage.

Hear Alan’s commentary on legislative issues in his locale and how investigators can educate legislators on the way investigators act as private law enforcement and use information tools to protect citizens as well as provide justice for those facing criminal charges.

Learn more about how Pat Clawson uncovered the destruction of federal records, and hear Pat and Peter with background details about the effort to stop the destruction, why the media isn’t airing this story, and what you can do to help.

Pat implores investigators to pick up the phone and call the Chief Judge in your district to let them know how the record destruction issue impacts using this information to protect citizens and provide justice. This education and direct outreach about the impact of this destruction can help change the tide if enough investigators get involved. In addition, investigators can sign the petition at http://ispla.org/fedrecords.

Hear from Alan, Pat, Peter, and Paul about how the private investigative industry is doing, how the economy is affecting business, and opportunities for investigators to grow business in various niches. Learn which niches are more lucrative and what’s waning, and what business practices you can do to tune up your business.

Guests on the December 2011 podcast are:

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