Hear Industry News, a P.I. Association Challenge Roundtable with Don Nason Jr., Paul Dank, and Alan Goodman, plus Peter Psarouthakis on How to Be an Effective Legislative Advocate

The December 2010 podcast of The American Private Investigator with your host, Paul Jaeb, features the API News Update with Mike McIntee and a roundtable discussion with Don Nason Jr., Immediate Past President of the New Hampshire League of Investigators and Principal at Nason Investigations, Paul Dank, President of the Michigan Council of Professional Investigators and Principal at Advanced Surveillance Group, and Alan Goodman, Lawyers Investigating Service, Inc., regarding the challenges and opportunities facing many private investigators and industry associations due to the economy, pressures from national surveillance firms, improved public access to data, the broadening work scope of paralegals, and other developments. Learn what they are doing in their respective associations to adapt, how they deal with legislative threats, what has changed in the industry and where they see it headed. Next, Alan Goodman of Lawyers Investigating Service, Inc. reviews upcoming industry events, and Peter Psarouthakis of ISPLA talks about why it’s important that private investigators become effective advocates for the industry and the best methods of getting in front of and being heard by state and federal officials.

Guests on the December 2010 podcast are:

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