Hear Judd Bank on the Using Polygraph as an Investigative Tool, Peter Psarouthakis on Evolving Technology, Social Media, and Affects on Legislation, and Alan Goodman on Upcoming Events

The April 2011 podcast of The American Private Investigator with your host, Paul Jaeb, opens with the API News Update with producer Mike McIntee. Next is a discussion with Judd Bank of CPI Investigations about the use of polygraph as an investigative tool. Judd is a former detective and chief polygraph examiner for the Queens District Attorney’s Office and after public service started CPI investigations; a private investigative firm licensed in both Manhattan and New Jersey. Judd and Paul discuss the uses of polygraph, importance of a certified polygraph examiner, preconceived notions about polygraph, and the future of polygraph testing.

Peter Psarouthakis of ISPLA joins the program for our monthly legislative update. Peter and Paul discuss evolving technology and social media and how it affects investigators and legislation.

Alan Goodman with Lawyers Investigating Service Inc. wraps up the show with a discussion of upcoming events and opportunities.

Guests on the April 2011 podcast are:

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