Hear PI News, Terry Cox, CLI and Ellis Armistead, CLI on How to Handle Large, Media Driven Criminal Cases Like the Mary Winkler Defense and Timothy McVeigh Appeal, and Peter Psarouthakis’ Legislative Update, Including Right to Carry and Deregulation Bills

The May 2012 podcast of The American Private Investigator with your host, Paul Jaeb of Heartland Investigative Group, features Mike McIntee and Paul Jaeb with the API news segment. Hear about how Lake County officials near Chicago hired a private investigator to look into two deaths in the county jail, how a private investigator is helping in a missing college student case that stumped police due to lack of leads, how a Washington state man got a sentence after threatening an investigator with a weapon, and how Ikea France admits hiring an investigator to spy on customers and employees.

Next, Terry Cox, CLI, current National Director of the National Association of Legal Investigators, and Ellis Armistead, CLI, President of Heartland Investigative Group, join Paul to talk about how to handle very large, media driven criminal cases. Terry and Ellis gained their expertise in cases that were sensational in their time. Among these, Terry Cox handled the Mary Winkler preacher’s wife murder trial in Tennessee, and Ellis handled federal appeal of Timothy McVeigh. Hear the details about each case, how each got involved, what attracts a media frenzy, how press scrutiny can affect the investigator’s personal life, and learn how to balance the work without losing your core clients.

Regular contributor Peter Psarouthakis of ISPLA joins Paul with a legislative update and to talk about what’s going on nationally among private investigators. Hear about the latest bills, such as the right to carry reciprocity act, and what ISPLA is doing to support this bill and the private investigator industry. Hear how ISPLA was at the forefront in Indiana where the legislature introduced a bill to repeal mandatory licensing of private investigators, security guards and a host of other professions. Learn how ISPLA helped kill that bill and how your involvement can help protect and support the industry.

Tune in next month to learn about how investigators expand their businesses into other areas, like security, forensics, pre-employment screening, and get the scoop on using metrics within your company to better manage your business.

Guests on the May 2012 podcast are:

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