Hear PI News, the Status of House Bill 1006 Aimed at Deregulating PI and Security Professions, How Phil Becnel’s New Book Provides the Critical Keys for Investigative Documentation, and Get the Essential Points for Setting Client Expectations to Avoid Pitfalls

The February 2012 podcast of The American Private Investigator with your host, Paul Jaeb of Heartland Investigative Group, features Mike McIntee and Paul Jaeb with the API news segment.  Learn about a recent BBC Breakfast feature on PI industry licensing and stopping illegal activities, such as phone hacking. Hear how the BBC asked respected investigator Tony Smith, Operations Director at Insight Investigations and Vice Chairman at World Association of PIs, to help them create a reconstruction of a typical surveillance operation by a reputable investigator. Next, hear why PIs are being asked to help out in cases of missing fryer oil in LA. Then get the scoop on PIs helping a mayor’s group gather evidence against gun retailers involved in illegal selling practices.

Next, Peter Psarouthakis of ISPLA and Kevin Whaley of The Campbell Group join Paul to talk about the status of House Bill 1006 which would deregulate several professions completely, including the private investigator and security guard professions in the state of Indiana. Peter tells about the latest events in the House of Representatives and what ISPLA and others are doing to educate about the dangers of deregulation.

Then, Phil Becnel of Dinolt Becnel & Wells Investigative Group LLC joins Paul to talk about his election in October 2011 to president of the Private Investigators Association of Virginia and his new book, Principles of Investigative Documentation. Phil gives Paul and listeners a sneak peek at key elements to best investigative documentation practices along with examples and practical applications. Hear why report writing is so critical and why you should write reports any time you may have to testify about why you did what you did, which is in almost every case. Learn about taking verbatim statements from hostile or unhelpful witnesses and obtaining declarations from friendly witnesses. Get tips on the best note taking methods, setting documentation retention timelines and criteria, and more practical guidelines to fine tune your practice and the way you present yourself for better results.

Regular contributor Alan Goodman joins Paul to talk about how to set client expectations and what happens if you don’t. Learn how to better communicate with difficult clients and outlandish requests right out of the gate. Hear Paul and Alan review and expand on key points mentioned by fellow investigator Kevin Cosgrove in his article for Pursuit Magazine entitled, “Dealing With Client Expectations.” Get practical advice from Alan and Paul on how to be upfront, careful, practical, and about the lessons seasoned investigators have learned in the field that can help you avoid pitfalls and build your practice.

Guests on the February 2012 podcast are:

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