Hear Sean Mulholland and Paul Jaeb Discuss How to Expand Product Offerings and Best Practices, Plus Alan Goodman and Peter Psarouthakis Cover Common Misconceptions About What Investigators Can Legally Do and How to Avoid Trouble

The June 2012 podcast of The American Private Investigator with your host, Paul Jaeb of Heartland Investigative Group, features Sean Mulholland, President and CEO of Mulholland Investigation and Security Consulting in Jacksonville, FL and Managing Member at Mulholland Forensics LLC, discussing how to expand the product offerings in your agency and other best business practices. Hear Sean share how he set pricing for both investigative and forensic services, managed accounting, hiring, assessing and investing in software, and about transitioning employees from law enforcement and FBI service to investigative work. Sean and Paul discuss buying or developing other offerings as a business hedge, how to assess the opportunity cost, balance your focus on product offerings, and the prospects that can be gained by regularly interviewing potential employees and business partners.

Regular contributors Alan Goodman of Lawyers Investigating Service and Peter Psarouthakis of ISPLA join Paul to talk about common misconceptions about what investigators can legally do and how these misconceptions can get investigators into trouble (see Pursuit Magazine article Surveillance by Private Investigators and the Law). Hear Peter, Alan, and Paul discuss how to deal with the perception of impersonating law enforcement, client requests for recording a phone conversation or wire tapping, trespass, invasion of privacy, and how to set up policies and procedures in your agency to guide you and your employees about what to do and not do.

Tune in next month and hear returning guest Dave Pelligrinelli of AFX Search talk about setting up metrics to tune up your business.

Guests on the June 2012 podcast are:

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