Hear Terry Cox on Transitioning From Law Enforcement to Growing a P.I. Practice, Kevin Whaley on Bonds and Insurance, and Alan Goodman on Events and Tips to Expand Your Practice

The July 2011 podcast of The American Private Investigator with your host, Paul Jaeb, opens with Mike McIntee and Paul Jaeb covering the latest in private investigator news and trends in the API news segment. Next, Terry Cox, CLI, The Lonewolf Group, shares how he successfully transitioned from law enforcement to establish his private investigator practice, how he grew his business, and how he dealt with the challenges of the high profile, national death penalty cases he has worked on.

Kevin Whaley, The Campbell Group, is back on the API podcast for the occasional series on insurance to talk about the difference between a bond and insurance, the types of providers who supply each type, and what to watch out for when shopping around.

Alan Goodman, Lawyers Investigating Service, joins Paul to talk about events for private investigators and process servers in the next few months, and the key attractions to check out. Next, Paul and Alan talk about the best methods to use to beef up all the business skills you need to optimize and grow your practice. Learn how to juggle learning about the various aspects of accounting, about often overlooked investigative details in report writing, and methods for uncovering new niches and expanding your business.

Guests on the July 2011 podcast are:

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