Join Paul Jaeb for the 5th Anniversary of the American Private Investigator Podcast.

The show opens with Paul Jaeb and Phil Becnel talking about managing employment investigations and avoiding the common pitfalls associated with these types of cases.  For years John Hoda, one of Paul’s closest professional colleagues, has shared his experiences with listeners.  Paul and John reflect on the key things that have led to their current successes.  John also announces a special offer for API listeners.

Paul closes the show discussing his upcoming webinar, “The Three Biggest Mistakes That PI’s Make That Hinder Their Agency’s Growth.”  With limited space available, Paul encourages listeners to sign up for this rare educational opportunity.

Paul will share his keen insights and advice on how to be a “best in class” private investigator.  Covering strategy, marketing, and financial literacy, you will leave this webinar with some of the tactics that took Paul from a solo practice to a 100 person powerhouse agency.

He made some near fatal mistakes early in his career, but regrouped and dedicated himself to building a bullet-proof agency, one that can withstand the constant change roiling our new economy.  This is a can’t miss opportunity to learn from one of world’s most successful private investigators.

Space is limited and the webinar will not be offered again until 2015.

Register now and receive a free membership to The American Private Investigator Podcast Inner Circle.  This $99.00 value includes free access to the podcast’s Facebook Fan Page (where the podcast is first posted), exclusive You Tube videos from Paul, and other insider information not available to the general public.

Click here now to reserve your spot.

Date:    Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Times:  12:00 noon or 3:00 p.m. CENTRAL TIME

See what others have said about Paul:

“Paul Jaeb is an exceptional person, and an exceptional business man. The continued growth of his company is a testament to his entrepreneurial capacity. Paul is simply one of the brightest people I know. Not to mention he has a great sense of humor and is simply delightful to know! Paul is a leader and a motivator with the ability to command trust and respect from those who know and work with him. I would recommend Paul and his business to anyone in need of the highest levels of investigative knowledge and expertise. You won’t find a more capable person than Paul Jaeb.”

-Terrie Wheeler, Nationally Recognized Legal Marketing Expert

“True, I’m not an industry insider yet it’s my sense that Paul has built the top investigation firm in the upper Midwest. As a very young man, Paul learned the data end of the investigation business. When he started Heartland, he built on that. But it’s been a long time since Paul’s big claim to fame would be his own investigation skill. Paul’s bigger claim is his business building expertise. Paul has built Heartland into the powerhouse it is mostly by doing the right thing, hiring the right people, and constantly learning.”

-Jim Earley, Master Certified Coach and Adjunct Professor

“Paul is a smart and open minded business owner who operates his business strategically to drive results. He is not afraid to consider unconventional solutions, and asks good and thoughtful questions before making decisions. Paul is a good manager, frank and straightforward in his communications, and knows how to both build and run a successful business. I wish more business owners operated like Paul does!”

-Sue Ginsburg, Growth Strategist

“Paul is a consummate professional. His personal expertise in complex individual, corporate investigative and due diligence matters is impressive. However, Paul’s proven leadership throughout the entire industry and within his company is even more noteworthy.  In my observation, both as a client and as a service provider, Paul has demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation and interpersonal effectiveness by building a very unique scalable business model through his ability to recruit, train and retain the best and brightest in the security and investigation market. Paul has managed to extend his personal reputation as a trusted advisor to include the entire Heartland Enterprise. It is not a surprise why all the top business leaders within the legal, corporate and financial sectors I hold in the highest regard know, recommend and rely on Paul Jaeb and Heartland Companies for all their important investigative work.”

-Ted Capistrant, Leading Management Consultant

Guests on the October 2014 podcast are:

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