Join Paul Jaeb With Guests Steve Hoeft and Alan Goodman

Sales consultant and trainer Steve Hoeft joins Paul Jaeb to talk about how to sell consulting services.  Alan Goodman and Paul discuss the importance of resilience and reminisce about The Rockford Files, in light of the recent passing of James Garner.  Next month Paul is joined by Scott Wilson of IRB and recurring guest Dave Pelligrinelli.

Below is a link to the wildly popular webinar Paul hosted a few months ago.  See what everyone is talking about and view, “The Three Biggest Mistakes PIs Make that Hinder Their Agencies Growth.”

Not only is API providing insights and discussion to our thousands of worldwide listeners, but now we are offering a new training program, “Reboot Your Agency.”  All the details are in the free webinar.

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Guests on the January 2015 podcast are:

See The American Private Investigator resources for links to the organization websites mentioned in this podcast.

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