Join you host Paul Jaeb for the annual industry roundtable with guest Tim O’Rourke, Scott Wilson and Alan Goodman.

It’s time for the Annual Industry Roundtable, as Paul is joined by Tim O’Rourke, President of FALI; Scott Wilson, Director of Sales at IRB Search; and Alan Goodman. Enjoy their wide-ranging discussion on the state of the industry. The Goodman Monologue focuses on how our egos can get in the way of effective leadership. Paul recaps the success of the new webinar series.

Next month regular contributor Dave Pelligrinelli stops by to talk about pricing. Steve Hoeft, a professional leadership coach, will share his thoughts on how to sell consulting services as part of your practice. Alan and Peter will be back to share their insights.

Guests on the November 2014 podcast are:

See The American Private Investigator resources for links to the organization websites mentioned in this podcast.

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