Join Your Host Paul Jaeb With Guests Alan Goodman, Ed Spicer, and Peter Psarouthakis

After a few months off Paul is back with his crew.  Alan Goodman leads a surveillance discussion with well-known PI Ed Spicer of Ocean States Investigative Group.  Peter Psarouthakis and Paul discuss current legislative issues and talk about the importance of having a robust network of international investigators.  Paul shares a life-changing event and discusses what important lessons he learned along the way that led to his exciting announcement.

Thank you to our great partners, including the great folks at IRB Search, Dinolt Becnel, and Julian Vail.  Check for resources and industry announcements.  Happy Halloween!

Mark your calendars for the LPDAM (Massachusetts) 25th annual conference next September 16-17.

Guests on the October 2015 podcast are:

See The American Private Investigator resources for links to the organization websites mentioned in this podcast.

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