Join your host Paul Jaeb with returning guests Nicole Bocra, Alan Goodman and Peter Psarouthakis.

Paul Jaeb welcomes back Nicole Bocra to the podcast.  Nicole is an accomplished private investigator who operates in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.  She shares the lessons she has learned over the past 10 years that have made her successful.  A lot has changed for Nicole since her first appearance in 2010.  Peter Psarouthakis returns after a four month hiatus to update us on the international scene and legislative issues.

Alan Goodman contributes his monthly Goodman Monologue, and delivers a few great lines on privacy and our sometimes oblivious peers.

Make sure to check out the API Videocast on YouTube that summarizes the show.  Paul welcomes tons of new followers and reads some listener email.

Guests on the May 2014 podcast are:

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