Learn About Diversifying Business, Events Such as WIC, IPSLA’s Efforts and Insurance, Workers Comp Surveillance, and More

The February 2010 podcast of The American Private Investigator with your host, Paul Jaeb, focuses on the importance of diversifying your business, the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators (TALI), upcoming industry events such as the World Investigators Conference and others, the affect the the Massachusetts’ special election, the FTC and privacy issues, ISPLA’s new professional liability insurance for investigators and security professionals nationwide, and recent changes in the workers comp surveillance industry.

  • Randy Kildow, Randy Kildow Investigations: 2403 Cales Dr., Suite A, Arlington, TX  76013, T: 817-275-2035, F: 817-492-0742, rkildow@kildowinvestigations.com.
  • Peter Psarouthakis, Investigative & Security Professionals For Legislative Action: 235 N. Pine Street, Lansing, Michigan 48933, T: 734-428-9663, isplavoice@gmail.com.
  • Alan Goodman, Lawyers Investigating Service, Inc.: P.O. Box 8479, Portland, ME 04104, Maine: 207-775-5685, 800-244-5685, Nationwide: 888-244-5685, F: 207-893-1475, aeglis@aol.com.
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