Listen to Dave Pelligrinelli and Paul Jaeb on Best Practices for Developing an Investigative Agency, Alan Goodman on Licensing and Industry Trends Affecting Investigators, and the API News

The June 2011 podcast of The American Private Investigator with your host, Paul Jaeb, welcomes Dave Pelligrinelli, the owner of AFX Search and a past guest. Dave was a guest in March 2010 and discussed title forensics (click here for the March 2010 API podcast). Dave recently tweaked his business plan and offers a new perspective on developing an agency and the importance of switching one’s mindset from that of a private investigator to an agency owner. Paul and Dave discuss that clients want to pay for answers to problems, not for a service. Dave will be a regular contributor to the podcast.

Alan Goodman with Lawyers Investigating Service, Inc. and Paul have a discussion on licensing and current trends affecting the profession. And, as usual, Paul and producer Mike McIntee open the show with the API News segment.

Guests on the June 2011 podcast are:

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